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[News] Un nouvel album pour bvdub (ambient – États-Unis).

Intitulé Epilogues for the End of the Sky il sort aujourd’hui via Glacial Movements.

Glacial Movements : Facebook


[News] Un split entre Sunspell (black metal – États-Unis) et Saudade (black/death metal – Canada).

Intitulé From the Mist, We are but Dust il sortira début juin en cassette via Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions et en vinyle via Iron Bonehead Productions.

Sunspell : Bandcamp

Saudade : Bandcamp, Facebook

Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions : Facebook

Iron Bonehead Productions : Facebook


[News] Un EP pour War Scenes (noise/techno/experimental – Allemagne).

Intitulé Unsystematic Scheme il sera disponible dès le 5 mai via Instruments Of Discipline en cassette.

Instruments Of Discipline : Facebook

War Scenes : Facebook


[News] Un split entre Wolok (industrial/black/doom metal – France) et Rotting Heaven.

Intitulé The Anatomy of Madness il sera disponible dès le 22 via Death Knell Productions en CD.

Death Knell Productions : Facebook

Wolok : Facebook


[News] Un premier EP pour Nexion (black/death metal – Islande).

La récente formation islandaise de black/death Nexion vient de rendre disponible à l’écoute son premier EP éponyme et autoproduit, enregistré au Studio Emissary de Reykjavík. Il se compose de quatre morceaux dont voici la tracklist ci-dessous :

I. Of Genesis
II. Of The Coiling Void
III. Of The Pestwielder
IV. Of The Final Throes of Creation

Peu d’informations sur cet EP ont été dévoilées par le groupe en dehors du concept musical, mêler le black metal dissonant avec des éléments death, et des noms des auteurs de l’artwork et du logo, respectivement Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal et Melissa Christoffersen.

Nexion : Facebook / Bandcamp



[Chrönique] Verge – Emblematic Ruin – Album – 2017


Dark ambient/industrial/experimental



In a not-so-distant Belfast bunker one man has been toiling away in order to subtly eradicate the proliferating vulgar and damaging symbols that infiltrate our daily existence. He is the conduit of the first track, smelting the unfiltered emblems that harm and cut into tiny specks the crumbs of identity that we have managed to salvage from cack-handed henchmen of chronic misuse, commodification, and capitalisation.

In doing so Andre Gough – the Irish producer behind Verge – has crafted a soundscape that, paradoxically, seems as tied to rolling hills and crystalline coasts as it does to the smog-hatted towns built out of sign-splattered concrete and looming grey steel. This is music for lengthy train journeys that splice countries in twain, carve up the countryside and blink through the stench of cities.

With his Avian debut, Verge joins the curious likes of SHXCXCHCXSH, The Empire Line, and 400ppm on Shifted’s consistently tantalising label. Unlike the often drubbing sounds of the imprint’s head, Gough takes a slightly more restrained approach to his sonic explorations whilst nevertheless still imbuing each track with both menace and an unnerving swagger.

Straining drones are wrenched out of what seems to be sorrow soaked heartstrings. If a Raime set was inexplicably interrupted by an unmapped cascading waterfall, the resultant auditory deluge wouldn’t be too far from that on display on Emblematic Ruin. This is music dripping with regret, woe, and a bitter melancholy. At times soothing, at other times unsettling, but always emotionally engaging.

Avian : Facebook, Bigcartel



[News] Premier EP pour Ars Magna Umbrae (atmospheric black metal – Pologne).

Intitulé Through Lunar Gateways il est disponible en numérique depuis le mois de février, mais il sera aussi disponible en CD via Hellthrasher Productions au mois de mai et en vinyle au mois de juin via Flesh Vessel Records.

Flesh Vessel Records : Facebook

Hellthrasher Productions : Facebook

Ars Magna Umbrae : Facebook


[News] Un album pour Wapentake (neofolk/ambient – Grande-Bretagne).

Intitulé Murmurations il sortira le premier mai via Lighten Up Sounds et cela en cassette.

Wapentake : Facebook

Lighten Up Sounds : Facebook