[Cérémönie – Live report] KTL – Live – 17/2/2017

KTL – Live – 17/2/2017

Supported by Anji Cheung.

On wintry nights when rushing to a show in North London, it’s always worth double-checking which Hackney-based, noise-offering, church you are supposed to be attending. Thankfully the distance between St Johns at Hackney and St Johns at Bethnal Green was not great enough to result in a single missed note of Anji Cheung’s set.

The musical thaumaturge behind the recent Daughter of Fortitude brought thrumming drones into a place born for reverence. This one-off performance of previously un-captured sounds, bowed from guitars and coaxed from all manner of stomp boxes and pulsing electronics, felt solemn (even bordering on frightening) yet bullish as she teased vocals referencing the Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene out from the mire and into heraldic existence. Cheung provided a communal prayer for sanctity that left audience members pondering if they were truly deserving of such a gift.

(© Jose Ramon Caamaño)

KTL began their set with a thunderstorm of bad intentions. Less a growling wall of resonance as much as a series of seismic bursts, like Mt Etna heaving explosive retch after volcanic ralph onto cobbled ears. Between Rehberg and O’Malley lay flagstone synapses, sparking and burrowing, they built sonic trenches in which two disparate parties could clash and congeal. Initial divides lost consequence as earthly guitars slowly cross-pollinated with booming synthetic bass abstractions.

Walls were built and rubbled.

This was a conversation in which hate learnt how to love.

(© Jose Ramon Caamaño)

Devoid of any additional visual stimuli, it became necessary to retreat within, to allow the surging soundscapes space to compete with and compliment one another. Ideas regarding the dying throes of dignity began to plague affected minds and billowing reverberations swarmed like inflamed hornets dashing themselves against a pewter cauldron.

In church, it all feels Biblical.

(© Jose Ramon Caamaño)

(© Jose Ramon Caamaño)


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