[Chrönique] Exedo/Alexander Adams – Split – Album – 2017

Attenuation Circuit



This release for German label Attenuation Circuit comes from the twin noiseniks of Alexander Adams and Exedo. The latter of which is the “evil side project of EMERGE” who also happens to be AC’s head honcho.

Exude makes music that is not for your consumption. It is for their devouring of you. This corrodes. Gently at first, like an arctic breeze blowing through an abandoned camp amongst deep fjords and steep mountains. But then it amps up into a full scale assault by the four stags of Yggdrasil. From Dáinn and Dvalinn to Dunker and Duraþrór a static blast rages and with it comes squalls of feedback and unhinged melody. This is too easy to dismiss as noise. Those that immerse themselves in the cacophony will find layers of loss and longing beneath the troubled exterior.

Alexander Adams takes a slightly different approach on his section – Stink Flower Rot. Here the sounds of all of your favourite 80s video games are simultaneously mangled and swept into a black hole. The scattered flurry of stuttering bleeps rallies and surges as if refusing to go quietly into that good night. This is the sort of glitch-frenzy that might be summoned from the tachycardic chart of a dying animal, thrashing in the jaws of a patient predator.

Adams has opted for two juxtaposing movements within his twenty minutes. Where the first half is pure disorder and panic, the latter section is far less hurried. Slow drones rumble along and are interspersed with anxiety-inducing metallic shrieks. It is akin to stepping back from a gaping molten chasm that has snaked its scorching way across the earth. We watch in horror as clods of earth, vegetation, and dependable buildings fall away into a natural furnace. All submit. And then all that we are left with is a post apocalyptic sonic gust.

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