[Chrönique] Sonologyst – Apocalypse – Album – 2017

Eighth Tower Records

Experimental/dark ambient




Raffaele Pezzella’s output as Sonologyst is sparse (one album a year), hence, carefully thought. RP is a champion of « dark ambient ». Dark minor chords and endless reverbs? Not quite so. As evidenced by his long-running, popular podcast, « Unexplained Sounds », his tastes lean towards true electronic music. Ambient is a surface, the form, but not the end. As with all genuine experiments, what matters is what lies beneath. Sonologyst prophesizes disaster – his music openly deals with two disciplines art rarely ties together, the occult, and science. Though the quasi-mathematical, sanctified archetypes of electronic music eventually surface – a sequence here, broken beats there, analogue screams -, they are far from being a satisfying cue for the listener to relax and let go. They are the core expression of a metaphysical angst, a second voice nearly outside the musical frame, always busy, building waves of anxiety. So those are paradoxical drones – with angles and perspectives. There are several ways to read them. By the time you encounter Ballard as a footnote to the album’s presentation, you’ll get the point.

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