[Chrönique] Deepdark – The Ruins Of Immortality – Album – 2017

Twilight Zone Production

Dark ambient



 If Neznamo or Cisfinitum used to represent some higlights of the understated dark ambient music coming from Russia, we must not forget to mention the active role played by the Kirov based sound artist Dmitry vologdin in the latest development of the entire genre. Starting to publish several releases from the 2016 in various formats (digital, cdr, cd) Deepdark follows a stylistic musical path ever embraced by renown projects such as Lustmord, Foundation Hope, Herbst9, Caul… but tries to inoculate a dose of challenging ingredients and to structure a personal and solid musical identity. The cinematic or « soundtracky » aspect of the music is brought to the fore and guides the listeners to ravishing states of deep tranquillity, primordial fear and metaphysical ecstasy. In a way Deepdark captures a melancholic mystical bliss. The sound architecture is based on immersive dronescapes, electronic scintillations and noise derelicts. An alternative dialogue prevails between enlightened and creeped-out tenenebrous motives. The atmospheres are mostly abstract, plaintive, spiritually sorrowing and cerebral. This album is well recommended and can be see as a cross between Tangerine Dream‘s classic proto space ambient releases such as Zeit or Atum, Lustmord‘s post-apocalyptical sonic bliss and Coph Nia‘s early esoteric soundscapes in touch with black magic.

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