[Chrönique] Destruktionsanstalt – Ex Bello Volaptus – Album – 2017

Grey Matter Productions

Death industrial



This, the ninth release under the Destruktionsanstalt alias for Per Najbjerg Odderskov, is an atmospheric foray into the potential depravity of industrial music. Initially available on cassette as Ex Bello Mortis, the title of this album has shifted from death to bliss over the course of being digitised and made available for download. DMT users might concur with the parallel drawn here.

Kicking off proceedings on this album is someone who is no stranger to psychedelics – Jack Nicholson – and it is from his jarring reaction to chugging a mouthful of Jim Beam that the mechanical creep and whirr of Caedes springs into life. Static lumps and shards of feedback converge together to reenact the Easy Rider actor recoiling from his “first of the day”.

Following this aggressive opening mouthwash Destruktionsanstalt moves into territory formerly inhabited by Muslimgauze. Snippets of news reports covering chemical weapons attacks in Syria, allegedly carried out by Assad upon his own citizens is interspersed with pulsating low end rumbles and swiped phasers that quiver from scientific experiment to panicked sirens.

This record is interlaced with dark and divisive ideas and touch points. From genocidal activity to the degradation of De Sade and Pasolini. This is paranoid, conspiratorial, and clandestine. It is also emphatically glorious in parts. The swell of a celestial choir on Salò and the smashed glass hooks throughout a cover of SPK’s Agony of Plasma stand tall amongst the swamp-like dirge and warped feedback. There is impotent fury in the carnage too as sunken cries of tortured souls being pressed by a submerged, mid 90s, printer struggle to be heard.

The hell-encroaching crush of Suggero A Mortuis brings this fascinating beast to a close with a heated discussion on necrophilia and it is at this point that a clue as to the section of Salò that most interests Odderskov appears – namely the Circle of Manias.

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