[Interview] Desecresy

Here an interview with Tommi from Desecresy.

Vincent : French salutations from Mithra ! Templezine. To begin this interview can you explain our readers the exact meaning and the choice of Desecresy? It sounds like a word play between desecration and heresy to me but perhaps am i totally wrong.

Tommi : Salut! You can call the name a word play and add secrecy in there too. There is no exact meaning for the word. The meaning is more in the feel of the word rather than some specific description.

From its members and the music itself, Desecresy could be seen as a reborn from the ashes of the brilliant Slugathor. Can you tell us about the split of this latter? What would be the main difference between these two bands?

Desecresy rose from the ashes of Slugathor but transcended to it’s own form the very beginning. Main difference is of course the different line up. Some musical differences are the song structures. Especially the early Desecresy songs were seemingly more simplistic, but constructed more carefully compared to Slugathor.

Desecresy songs usually have lead melodies as binding glue and to give each song an initial character and atmosphere instead of having a guitar solo popping up every once in a while. This is one thing separating Desecresy from Slugathor and even more from most Death Metal groups.

Slugathor came to the end of its’ path. I felt that we were restrained from creating new material, and I guess the others felt being restrained from playing live enough. Plus all the negativity that had built up over the years. No bad blood between me and the other guys today, I’d like to add. Check out the bands Cadaveric Incubator and Hostis Humani Generis. They have some former Slugathor members.

You play as a duo since the begining, it looks like a reunion between two strong entities, separating the concept processing and the musical creation. can you develop the way you express such morbid feelings?

Most of our collaboration comes in form of discussions about lyrical themes and the direction we want to take in the future. I usually present the new songs to Jarno when they are somewhat ready and Jarno works on his lyrics and vocal arrangements independently. I think the feelings Desecresy expresses are rather dark than morbid.

These last years Finland has seen many past bands breaking their coffins and releasing albums again, playing live… Finland even has its own Finnish Death Metal festival. Could you imagine seeing Convulse, Demilich or Purtenance sharing the same stage today? I mean that Slugathor was playing pure Finnish Death Metal since 1999 when Black metal was more popular, so i suppose you saw this « trend » coming back with a smile.

I’m happy to see that Finnish Death Metal didn’t just sink into oblivion as it seemed to be heading towards after the early 90’s.

I could not have believed in something like Finnish Death Metal Maniacs fest to happen just a few years ago. I raise my hat to my former band mate Immu and others organising that festival. It was a very pleasant feast of Death!

When it comes to some of the old bands making revivals, I’m a bit disappointed in the way they sometimes repeat the pattern from early 90’s. Make one album of Death Metal and then reduce to a boring rock metal band or something. All bands are free to do what they want but at least try to have some good taste.

(The Doom Skeptron – Xtreem Music – 2012)

Here comes the question if Desecresy is definitively a studio band. Does it mean that you really enjoy the recording process, or just the result is important?

I have always been into composing, developing ideas and finally recording them, more than playing live, which makes me a heretic in Death Metal (or maybe music over all) where playing live is often considered the main reason to exist. Desecresy started without any plans for live playing and we still have none. I really do enjoy the recording process as well as the process of songwriting. These two go hand in hand in our way of recording. Of course the result should be the most important thing, but the result cannot be good unless the process is conducted in inspired state of mind.

You are playing the whole musical part now. The sound is really powerfull, particulary the drums, it gives me doubts if it’s a real one or not. Can you tell us about it and if yes, why this choice?

The drums are played with electronic drum kit. Before hanging me, notice that the use of kick and snare samples in recordings is not that unusual in Death Metal. I don’t use programmed drums because I think playing the drums gives it’s own touch even with my limitations and partly because of them.

Admittedly the better ability to edit and to re-record easily is a benefit. Also it is much more cost effective than paying for studio time and rehearsal place for acoustic drums. Many people (two to be precise) have told me that we should get a « real » drummer for the band, but I just think this works perfectly for Desecresy.

(Arches of Entropy – Xtreem Music – 2010)

With « Stoïc Death », your fourth album, you deliver pure Finnish Death Metal with still a strong Bolt Thrower influence. I have noticed that the use of a strong reverb in the slow guitar leads is more and more obvious on this one. Did you listened more progressive and psychedelic rock lately?

The use of the guitars in the way you described has been more obvious in every album compared to the previous. It’s just natural evolution. I don’t listen much more psychedelic or progressive rock than I did before. As you mentioned, Bolt Thrower is still notable influence for us as well as Finnish Death Metal (the Finnishnes comes out quite naturally), but we don’t intend to be some kind of « old school » copycat band. I don’t really appreciate that kind of attitude with some of these newer bands. Perhaps the ambition to create something of our own brings associations to other styles of music.

Concerning the lyrical themes, it seems like Desecresy is using the term Death metal damned serious. I mean this is not a question of zombies or horror movies tribute here but a real journey in the after life. can you develop about it? Did you or some relatives experienced death or near death in a way or another?

Well I haven’t experienced death yet, or even near death in any dramatic life changing way. Everyone has relatives in the grave and many have friends passed away, but I don’t really seek inspiration from that. Death is the great unknown which makes it unsettling subject to wrap your mind around and that is what makes it fascinating. Desecresy lyrics don’t necessarily deal with Death in as straightforward way compared to a lot of other Death Metal bands. Our lyrics may deal with the Death of civilisation, ideal, era, self or other more abstract subjects, rather than just writing about rotting corpses, zombies and whatnot.

It’s well known that Finland knows frequently suicide waves. Your scene plays this style a unique way. If we see thoses bands as truth seekers about death and its mysteries, what’s keeping you patient enough to know what’s on the other side?

I would be pretentious claiming to have impatience for death while still being alive. I’d like to see my self as somewhat down to earth guy without a need to put out some crazy, mystical, dark image of my self. That doesn’t mean that I couldn’t explore these dark themes in lyrics and music. Finnish mind-set has a fair amount of melancholy in it, that can lead to high suicide rates or obnoxious metal ballads (I don’t know which is worse), but combined with Death Metal that mind-set can sometimes bring up some pretty great stuff!

How do you see the extreme french scene in general?

I have a huge void in my knowledge when it comes to French scene. Sorry. I can’t really come up with any recent French bands from the top of my head, granted I’m not the most underground aware band seeker. This may be due to my own ignorance but it puzzles me, how it is possible that one of the biggest nations in Europe hasn’t got more bands breaking in my consciousness?

In western Europe people see scandinavian countries still protected from the global world changes. As a crossboarder with Russia, how would you position in the case of a new bipolar conflict?

From Finland’s point of view the central Europe seems more protected compared to us, when it comes to the plausible threat from Russia. By the way, Finland is not part of scandinavia (not that it’s relevant to your question).

No country in the world is protected from global changes. Already Finland is politically positioned to the west, yet trying to maintain as good as possible relations with Russia, which is mandatory with our border, hence no NATO membership to this day. That could ignite a conflict between Russia and the west, at least according to some.

Last time Finland was dragged to the WWII by invasion from Soviet Union. In a new bipolar conflict Finlands’ position would again be very shitty to put it short.

Any last words concerning the future of Desecresy and this style in general?

We have been taking it slow after the previous release, but we are working on new material. When the new album will come out some day in the future,it will be on the same path going further.

Meanwhile keep listening to Stoic Death and the earlier albums. Thanks to everyone who are keeping Death Metal relevant still in this day and age whether it is by playing, listening or writing about it! Thank you very much for this interview!

By Vincent. Interview realized by email in 2016 (published in 2017).

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