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Kruksog is an interesting neo folk project of Maldoror (Margaritka Georgieva). Only one tape is available, but you can listen other releases on Bandcamp. Now it’s time to discover her strange lullabies…


L.G. : The name of your project comes from – if we don’t commit an error – an imaginary language, the Orkish created by J. R. R. Tolkien the author of The Lord of the Rings. The meaning of Kruksog is crucifixion. If you want, could you explain to our readers your choice?

Yes, it is in Orcish actually. I chose it mainly because of how much I hold The Lord of the Rings in high regard and also because of how I try to make my music sound seraphic and Jesus himself- (a seraphic entity) endured crucifixion.

L.G. : On your digital EP called When Leeches Shrivel for Their Forged Sun we can hear a cover of Rake, a Townes Van Zandt’s song. Except for the fact that the original song is very good, why did you choose this song especially ?

I undoubtedly chose that certain song since I treasure the lyrics. I believe it was his best written/ performed song off of his Delta Momma Blues album.

L.G. : On an other digital EP, Where the Languished Slumber, there is a black metal song, заклет на геноцид which is very raw and old school. What are your favorite bands in the domain ?

Tormentor, Thorns- their first album Grymyrk is the most underrated album from the first wave of black metal, and Master’s Hammer.

L.G. : In your music there is a very dark feeling of anxiety,  but also a kind of innocence linked to childhood, but this innocence seems to be twisted like in the french movie Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal by Joël Séria in 1971. Do you know that movie ? This aspect of your music remind me The Cure and Cranes do you like these bands ?

That was a spot on description of what I strive my music to sound like. I have watched that movie once and truly enjoyed it. As for the bands, The Cure is one of my all-time favorites and Cranes’ member Alison Shaw is quite the charm.

L.G. : You have only one physical release. A demo tape, Fugarae Parerum, on Black Circle Productions – a very confidential structure – how did you get in touch with the label ?

The label is owned by one of my close friends, Max. There is only 4 bands on the label.

L.G. : There is an video – available on Youtube –  filmed and edited by Lee Nachum for Within Remains of Crypt can you tell us a little more about this clip ?

This clip was shot using super eight film and was used for a project for one of her classes. It was the first song I ever recorded for Kruksog in this video. It was aiming to appear as a mid 20th century ritual.

L.G. : Before Kruksog were you active in other musical projects ?

I made a few rap albums at one point of my life and practiced in a band with some friends from high school before, as well, but that is it.

IdP :  You chose the pseudonym “Maldoror” (at least it is written in the clip for Within Remains of Crypt). Does it comes from the french masterpiece Les Chants de Maldoror  by Lautréamont ?

Yes, it does come from this masterpiece work. It’s my choice if I had to choose the most exceptionally brilliant book I’ve ever read.

IdP :  Is literature in general an influence in your works ?

It is. I am writing a philosophy novel currently which is getting close to being done. Literature is pretty damn important to me.

IdP :  To what extent do you think that the spirits of neofolk and black metal are linked, since both influences can be seen in your music ?

They both give me the same sort of chills when listening ; as I am trapped in a glass snow globe toy where each snowfall is as constant as the throbbing in your heart is when trying to merely escape the same scenary you find sincere delight in.

L.G. : What are you going to plan for Kruksog ?

I plan to continue doing it and begin to play live shows after gathering up members who would play live for Kruksog with me since I am a solo member project.

IdP/L.G. : Thank you very much for your answers. Do you have any last words to conclude this interview ?

No, thank you ! I enjoyed reading and answering your questions very much. I shall leave my last words being : Kill the modern world.

Kruksog : Facebook

By I.d.P and L.G.  Interview realized by email in july 2017 .

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