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Usaganie (dark ambient – Biélorussie) : nouvel album.

Intitulé Ice Breath of Antarctica il sera disponible en CD le 6 mars via Cryo Chamber.

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[News] Nouvel album pour Randal Collier-Ford (ambient/dark ambient/drone).

Intitulée Promethean elle est disponible depuis le début du mois d’août via Cryo Chamber.

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[News] Un nouvel album pour Creation VI (drone/dark ambient – Russie).

Intitulé Deus Sive Natura il sortira le 13 juin via Cryo Chamber.

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[News] Un album pour Ager Sonus (dark ambient – Allemagne).

Intitulé Book of the Black Earth il sortira en CD le 31 mai via le label Cryo Chamber.

Les précommandes sont ouvertes. 

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[News] Un album pour Dead Melodies (dark ambient -Grande-Bretagne).

Intitulé Legends of the Wood il sort aujourd’hui via Cryo Chamber.

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[News] Un nouvel album pour Dronny Darko (dark ambient – Ukraine ).

Intitulé Abduction il est disponible depuis hier via Cryo Chamber.

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[Chrönique] Keosz – AVA – album – 2017.

Cryo Chamber

With only one album published the past year on Cryo Chamber, Keosz successed to seduce the whole ambient listeners galaxy. I must say that this first offering titled « be left to oneself » was an incredibly refined collection of soundscaping sceneries, built on tremendously serene and deeply emotional textures and patterns. No doubt that this new album was highly anticipated. Keosz is the moniker of the drum & bass producer and sound designer Erik Osvald, from Slovakia. Also welcomed by Cryo Chamber this second full length release is an other pearl in the subterranean ambient genre. The sound aesthetism, technical equipment and stylistic architecture of this album are relatively close to what we can find out on the previous opus. Once more we are under the charm of contemplative and compelling ambient pieces, brightly produced and continuously emotional. This new one is maybe a little more abstract, cerebral and spacious than ‘Be Left To Oneself’. However we are basically on the same musical territory. Difficult to not be transported by those highly moving, introspective and nebulous soundscapes. My favorite tracks are the blurry nostalgic « All I had to do », the darkly sinuous and spiritually fascinating « Downfall », the cinematic « Nothing left but gloom », the entrancing hypnotic post-rockin « Consigned to Limbo » and the magnificent spaced out dark ambient epilog « Farewell to hollow space ». The whole album is very cohesive, fruitfully imaginative and surrounded by a powerful melancholic aura. No doubt that «AVA» will ravish all ambient music fans and can pretend to be a great candidate for best 2017 releases in this specific genre.

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[News] Un nouvel album pour Northumbria (ambient/drone – Canada).

Intitulé Markland il est disponible depuis le 21 mars via Cryo Chamber.

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[News] Un second album pour Aegri somnia (dark ambient).

Intitulé Endtime Psalms il est disponible depuis le 7 mars via Cryo Chamber.

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[News] Un album pour SiJ (atmospheric drone/field recording).

Intitulé The Time Machine il sera disponible le 21 février via Cryo Chamber.

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