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Heresy : une nouvelle compilation du label Eighth Tower Records.

Au programme drone, dark ambient et experimental !

Avec : Adonai Atrophia, Vladimír Hirsch, Antikatechon, Xerxes The Dark, Corona Barathri,
Ruairi O’Baoighill, Gnawed, Plamen Vecnosti,Taphephobia, Alphaxone, Damballah, Atrox Pestis et

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The Old Alchemist : une nouvelle compilation dark ambient/drone du label Eighth Tower Records.

Cette compilation est disponible depuis aujourd’hui uniquement en numérique, elle est consacrée comme son nom le laisse deviner à l’alchimie et elle contient des titres des projets suivants  : New Risen Throne, Monocube, Xerxes The Dark, Self Industry, Alphaxone, Sonologyst, SiJ, Aseptic Void, Urs Wild, Niculta, Sounddog65, Maaurge et Peri Esvultras.

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[News] Un nouvel album pour Sonologyst (dark ambient/experimental – Italie).

Intitulé Apocalypse il est pour le moment uniquement disponible en numérique depuis quelques jours via le Bandcamp du label Eighth Tower Records.

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[Chrönique] Various Artists – Labyrinth – Compilation – 2017

Eighth Tower Records (a sub label of Unexplained Sounds Group)

Dark ambient/drone/dark ambient/noise/experimental

Double CD

“Before unearthing this letter, I had questioned myself about the ways in which a book can be infinite. I could think of nothing other than a cyclic volume, a circular one. A book whose last page was identical with the first, a book which had the possibility of continuing indefinitely.”

Jorge Luis Borges, Labyrinths

The question of the infinite in regards to a poetic text – be it prose, paint or performed on an instrument – is unlikely to have been far from the mind of Raffaele Pezzella when curating this two hour plus compilation of twenty-two tracks from twenty-two separate projects. Something which can forever be returned to and which reveals an ever increasing scope must surely be considered fathomless. This is firmly rooted within the concept of the labyrinth. A musical path is laid out. Curated. It is a trail which requires your trust, your submission. To embark upon such a journey demands a receptive mind.

[News – Rattrapage] Labyrinth : une double compilation dark ambient/drone du label Eighth Tower Records.

Cette compilation disponible depuis le mois de juillet contient des titres des projets suivants : Sysselmann, Monocube, Necrophorus, Sonologyst, Warpness, Xerxes The Dark, Damballah, Alphaxone, SiJ, Taphephobia, Ashtoreth, Globoscuro, Stigmate, Silent Chaos, IOK-1, SoliloquaTraansmutt, Knobstat, Monica Vlad, vÄäristymä et SKR Project.

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