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[Rattrapage] Le dernier album de Somatic Responses (ambient / industrial / techno / IDM – Pays de Galles) est disponible depuis le mois de septembre.

Intitulé Pattern Seeking vous le trouverez en CD via Hymen Records.

Somatic Responses : Facebook


[Chrönique] 2Methyl – Etched – Album – 2017


Agnost1k Records




2Methyl (formerly know as the tongue-twisting 2Methylbulbe1ol) has pulled out all of the stops for the packaging of his latest release on Agnost1k Records. Available in a limited run of fifty handcrafted CD boxsets, Etched is presented between two tiles which are then secured together by screwed bolts in each of the four corners. Unsurprisingly a similar level of care and attention has also been applied to the musical content too.

[News] Troisième album pour Ele Ypsis (ambient/breakbeat/electronica/IDM – France).

Intitulé Meiosis il sortira en vinyle via le label M-tronic Label.
Ele Ypsis est un projet collaboratif de Laure Le Prunenec  et de Stélian Derenne.

Ele Ypsis : Facebook

M-tronic Label : Facebook


[News] Un album pour r.roo (IDM/ambient/exprimental – Ukraine).

Intitullé shilly​-​shally il sortira le 14 mars via audiotrauma.

r.roo : Facebook

audiotrauma  : Facebook


[News] Un nouvel album pour Monolog (drum and bass/dubstep/IDM).

Intitulé Conveyor il est disponible depuis le 10 février via Hymen Records.

Monolog : Facebook

Hymen Records : Facebook


[News] Une collaboration entre Monolog (drum and bass/dubstep/IDM) et Subheim (ambient/drone/post-rock/downtempo – Allemagne).

Intitulée Conviction elle sera disponible à la fin du mois via Denovali Records.

Monolog : Facebook

Subheim : Facebook

Denovali Records : Facebook