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[Chrönique] Mekigah – Litost – Album – 2014

Aesthetic Death

Experimental / Dark ambient / Doom metal / Noise



It is unusual, after years of traipsing through the dark and blackened world of experimental music, to find instances that contain the power to shock, surprise, or terrify. The occasions that this has happened for me are few and far between:

  • The first time hearing Attilla Csihar reciting from the Srimad Bhagavatam on Sunn O)))’s Decay 2 [Nihils’ Maw]

  • Witnessing Chip King from The Body’s inhuman yelp live.

  • The panicked breaths and unrecognisable clinking of the Multi Para Vacuous Movement remix of Removed by No Movement, No Sound, No Memories.

  • and being introduced to Alan Dubin’s demented, demonic, and paranoid wailing on Khanate’s Things Viral.

With headphones on, Mekigah’s opening track – Total Cessation of Oneelicited a similar chilling response. With its obfuscated whispers and dense cinematic swells undercut by sinister chords, spines cannot help but tingle. Following on from this is The Sole Dwelling which arrives with shuddering distorted slabs and ends with a plea to “Just let me sleep”.